Thursday, December 22, 2011

How Dumb can you be!

  Well to be honest  I have given up on today preachers and their so-called church.They have become incorporated or they have a 501 tax exempt status. The only way to stay faithful to Jesus my Lord is to come out from among them an not whore around with them any longer. They wont preach! They hide behind a social security. They are told that they cant preach on certain thing if they do then the Inc. or 501  will be taken from them. What you fail to see that if you are Incorporated you are a creature of the State, that one thing David Gibbs an his cronies wont tell you, he is a wolf in sheep clothing, helping to destroy the local church little by little.  Studyin  the bible has open my eyes to be faithful to Christ is to start a home fellowship till it gets to a place for its own place. Please dont go to the goverment to open a bank account, that gives them their right to spy on you. The church was vex by this crowd in Acts & the bad thing about it is, its read in churches an by passed because they do not wont conflict. There is more to it than whats written, how about spliting the family up when we are to come together in one place. Ezra did not have sunday school. Moses did not have one either they where all in one place. The youth is a bad place, they in a govement school all week then they come to church an separated again in groups fornacation, rape an about any other thing that comes to mind it has happen.. Men has lost leadership, they tuck their tale between their legs while their little boys become sissy and their girls become boyish.Its time to stop. Mom needs to be home, Dad you need to provide like a man should, children obey your parents. Live for Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem is not the youth its the parents they have no guts, glory or God. God help us to stay at the foot of the Cross.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reformation {a complete joke}

  So lets get to the point or the fact as fast as we can. What is Reformation, to give a meaning I will go strait to Noah Webster 1828-The act of reforming, correction or  amendment of life, manners, or of any thing vicious or corrupt; as the reformation of manners; reformation of the age; Reformation of abuses. To reform means: to change from worse to better; to amend; to correct; to to restore to a former good state or to bring from a bad to a good state. Far as I am going with this, you get the point I hope. Well I am not a reformer or anything such. I try to find out whats with the belief in this system of reformation, an I come to find out reformation does not change anything from bad to good, it just compounds with being wrong in the their belief. Reformation and the fundamental baptist are running a tight race, both parts are not rightly dividing the word of God. They differ on certain things. IF you are a student of the King James Bible and you rightly dividing it you will not be a reformer or a fundamenta lbaptist.    
     Arthur Pink once divided the Word but notice in his writings he take verses out of context as the latter two, I just mention. Just read a book called The Other Side of Calvinism by Laurence M. Vance and it put the nails in the coffin. Don't think for one minute you are right. Your Tulip can be rip apart with Scripture{KJB}. I not saying that you can not learn from older reformers cause you can, one thing you will do is study an find out the real truth an the wrong with the Reformation, these men had good intetions but not right. One thing I did was come out from among them and found out That Gods Words will set you free. Just dont take me at my words study for yourself  an pray the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth an He will.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just Wondering

 Has it ever cross your mind about men and the so-called church belief says that they rightly divided the word of God an still -----preach tithing over grace giving, that the church started in Acts 2 in reality it started with the diciples, say they are preaching the word but tell stories or take it out of context, preach the message the diciples were commaned to preach when Apostle Paul preach the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, telling us to do the great commission, when A. Paul said that Jesus had given us the[ ministry of reconciliation] an how they preach baptism when it[ was] a requirement to salvation, when now its the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. How they preach living by faith but still waiting on the pay check on sundays. While some demand that we need to bring lost people to the church, when in reality the church is for the child of God. I could go on but it need to take a break. Just wondering God help us all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Well, I was planing on writing about the husband role in marriage but, I have been learning from my own marriage. I will get on the this subject as the Lord will. It has been a busy couple of weeks for me so bare with me on this matter. If you are not following me at this time I ask that you consider reading a little on this blog. May the good God of Heaven and Earth stir your hearts to be used of him, that you maybe bless and that he gets all the praise. God bless all Bro. Rudy

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The institution of Marriage

     To get strait to the point, the marriages in this so-called christian country is in a mess. As a husband it is my duty to make sure that when problems arise in my own marriage, I find a way to fix it. So to deal with the marriage we must go to the one that has designed the marriage, and that would be God the creator of  all things that certainly includes male and female. God, himself gives the blueprint of the marriage relationships, and the roles within the marriage. If we obey, ultimately it will bring marital bliss. All marital problems can be trace back to a failure of not following these guidelines. While we ponder on this in our hearts and minds, husbands and wives must ask themselves if they are fulfilling their God-given roles. Husbands are to love their wife as Christ love the Church. Wives are to submit themselves to their own husband, which symbolizes the Church's submission to Christ. But before we address this very important matter, let us examine this in our hearts an ask the God of heaven to help us realize that for our marriage to be blessed from God we must come to terms within ourself that this marriage that you  are in is not just about me but to the one we married.                                                                                                                                                                        To be continued

Saturday, October 8, 2011

1611 King James Bible

Thanks to all who read, may you be blessed thru this blog. Our prayers is that you be encouraged, Christ be edified. This blog is a 1611 King James only, we do not endorse any others books, churches, homeschooling materials that is not King James. I repeat 1611 King James only!