Thursday, December 22, 2011

How Dumb can you be!

  Well to be honest  I have given up on today preachers and their so-called church.They have become incorporated or they have a 501 tax exempt status. The only way to stay faithful to Jesus my Lord is to come out from among them an not whore around with them any longer. They wont preach! They hide behind a social security. They are told that they cant preach on certain thing if they do then the Inc. or 501  will be taken from them. What you fail to see that if you are Incorporated you are a creature of the State, that one thing David Gibbs an his cronies wont tell you, he is a wolf in sheep clothing, helping to destroy the local church little by little.  Studyin  the bible has open my eyes to be faithful to Christ is to start a home fellowship till it gets to a place for its own place. Please dont go to the goverment to open a bank account, that gives them their right to spy on you. The church was vex by this crowd in Acts & the bad thing about it is, its read in churches an by passed because they do not wont conflict. There is more to it than whats written, how about spliting the family up when we are to come together in one place. Ezra did not have sunday school. Moses did not have one either they where all in one place. The youth is a bad place, they in a govement school all week then they come to church an separated again in groups fornacation, rape an about any other thing that comes to mind it has happen.. Men has lost leadership, they tuck their tale between their legs while their little boys become sissy and their girls become boyish.Its time to stop. Mom needs to be home, Dad you need to provide like a man should, children obey your parents. Live for Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem is not the youth its the parents they have no guts, glory or God. God help us to stay at the foot of the Cross.