Thursday, October 13, 2011

The institution of Marriage

     To get strait to the point, the marriages in this so-called christian country is in a mess. As a husband it is my duty to make sure that when problems arise in my own marriage, I find a way to fix it. So to deal with the marriage we must go to the one that has designed the marriage, and that would be God the creator of  all things that certainly includes male and female. God, himself gives the blueprint of the marriage relationships, and the roles within the marriage. If we obey, ultimately it will bring marital bliss. All marital problems can be trace back to a failure of not following these guidelines. While we ponder on this in our hearts and minds, husbands and wives must ask themselves if they are fulfilling their God-given roles. Husbands are to love their wife as Christ love the Church. Wives are to submit themselves to their own husband, which symbolizes the Church's submission to Christ. But before we address this very important matter, let us examine this in our hearts an ask the God of heaven to help us realize that for our marriage to be blessed from God we must come to terms within ourself that this marriage that you  are in is not just about me but to the one we married.                                                                                                                                                                        To be continued

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